Android Product Tester / Reviewer (Remote)

Do you regularly browse news sites for the latest news? Then today’s job could be perfect for you. We’re looking for news app testers from the United States. Read on to see how you can apply…

Job title: Test and review news apps on your smartphone or tablet for $30 per hour

Job description: More and more people are getting their news fix from apps on their phones and tablets, and the developers building these apps are looking for remote workers to help them test their functionality. If you’re already interested in reading the news and know how to download and open an app on your smartphone or tablet, this could be your perfect job. You will need to write 200-300 word reviews about your experience with the apps, but we’ll provide you with full training for that part of the job.

Pay: $30 per hour

Location: Because we’re working with news app developers from multiple countries, we’re taking applicants from all countries for this job position.

Requirements: You’ll need 10-15 hours to do this work each week. You’ll also need an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet with access to an internet connection.

Necessary experience: If you’re already reading news sites or apps, that could help your application. But the only experience you need is the ability to download and open apps on your device. We’ll provide you with online training for the other aspects of this job. This is a great chance to secure yourself some remote work. The work is simple, and you can do it anywhere you can access the internet.

So, don’t pass this up.

Click the apply button and apply now (it only takes about 30 seconds).