Entry Level Game Tester / Reviewer (Remote, No Experience)

We still have that survival instinct no matter how much we have evolved. That’s why we love playing survival games that include threats that we can’t encounter in real life, for example, zombies, dinosaurs, etc. If you too like playing those games, we have a remote job that you’ll love today.

Job title: Play, test, and review awesome survival games on your phone and pocket $735 per week.

Job description: Some professional app developers that we work with have launched some great survival games. Those games have great stories, threats, and features that anyone can enjoy playing with. And you have to do the same; you just have to download those games on your phone or tablet and play as much as you want. And write short 200-300 word reviews on your experience with those games.

Pay: $735 per week.

Location: Hiring people mainly from the United States.

Requirements: Do you have a smartphone or tablet, internet access, and 2 to 3 hours of free time each day for playing those games? If yes, then that’s all that you require for this job.

Necessary Experience: Even if you’re a noob gamer, you still can work; you just have to know how to download and play those games and post reviews. Still, complete training will be provided to you. We’re hiring five app testers today.

So, apply for this position right now, or someone else will take your place.