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Work from Home No Experience Product Tester / Review Writer

Do you want to improve your willpower, focus, stress management, and self-awareness, and make money simultaneously? Well, with this job, you’ll be making money by meditating. Don’t worry; this is not any law of attraction course. This simple app testing job can empty your mind and fill your pockets.

Job title: Make $150 per day for using and testing meditation apps.

Job description: We work with some app testers who have launched some awesome meditation apps. Those apps cover various features and have every type of meditation available. But they aren’t yet ready to compete worldwide; they still have some faults and imperfections. And that’s why those app developers are hiring app testers, especially from the United States, to test and review their apps. You have to sign in on their system and post short 200-300 word reviews of your experience with those apps.

Pay: $150 per day ($50/hr)

Location: Hiring people mainly from the United States.

Requirements: Mobile device or tablet (android or iOS), 3 hours of free time each day, and a passion for being better every day.

Necessary Experience: Full training will be provided, so there is no need to have any experience.

We’re hiring five app testers for this position, so apply ASAP.